Wedding Thank You
Card Wording

Wedding Thank You Card Wording for you to copy.

These are listed alphabetically from A to Z. This page is the "F" page.

Visit the index for listing of gifts or visit the Wedding Thank You Main page for a listing of other helpful pages containing poems, bridal shower and destination wedding thank yous.

Wedding Thank You Index A to Z

Wedding Thank You Card Wording- D & E

Wedding Thank You Notes - F

figurine (also see art or collectible)

• Thank you for the wonderful (insert type or collection name)figurine. It will be cherished always as will your well wishes and friendship. Thanks again.

flatware (also see cutlery and silverware)

• Thank you for the flatware. It is a beautiful addition to our table. You are a truly generous friend. Thanks again.

fondue set

• Thank you for the fondue set. It is so fun and great for entertaining. We will have to have you over to try it out. Thanks again.

food processor

• Thank you for the food processor. You can have no idea how much your gift will be used. It's perfect. Thanks again.

frequent flyer miles

• Thank you for the frequent flyer miles. They truly came in handy for the honeymoon. (or insert other use). Your gift made a special day that much more special. Thanks again.

furniture, general (also see individual furniture such as couch)

• Thank you for the furniture set. The (insert room living room, family room, bedroom) looks so beautiful now. You are a truly generous and wonderful friend. You must come over to see your fantastic gift in action. Thanks again.

Wedding Thank You G

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