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Below you'll find wedding thank you card wording you can copy and use right now. Writing wedding thank you cards has never been easier with these free samples and examples for all kinds of situations and gifts.

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There are examples of notes for specific gifts, plus links to other ready to copy pages. Do not worry. There are tons of free, thank you note samples for you to use on this site.

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Wedding thank you card wording for collectible

• Thank you for the decorative figurine. It will take a special place in our home. Each time I look at your beautiful collectible, I will think of the special friend who gave it to me. Thanks again.

To fellow newlyweds when you were present at their wedding and now they are present at yours

• Thank you for the adorable, bride and groom bathrobes and for coming to the wedding. Having been honored to be a guest at your wedding last Spring your presence at our wedding that much more of a celebration. Thanks again.

Glass bowl

• Thank you for the lovely glass bowl and your presence at our engagement party. Your practical gift will be used often. Each time I use it, I will have cause to think of the generous friend who gave it to me. Thanks again.

Champagne or spirits

• Thank you for the champagne and attending our wedding. Nothing marks a celebration like a bottle of champagne! Your well wishes are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

For gift and attending wedding, but did not get to talk to guest

• Thank you for the lovely, (insert gift). Having you both there on such a special night meant so much to me. Even though we did not have as much opportunity to talk on the night, as I would have thought of as ideal, your presence was thoroughly felt and appreciated. Thank you.

Picture frame

• Thank you for the silver, picture frame. Your frame will be home to a cherished memory, and each time I gaze upon it, I will remember the cherished friend who gave it to me. Thanks again.

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