Wedding Thank You Cards Etiquette for the Newly Married

Congratulations on your union!

Wedding thank you cards etiquette can be boiled down to one thing: Start off your union showing gratitude for all of your gifts. The appreciation you share with your guests will be multiplied thousand fold in your new marriage.

It is common to get caught up in the misconception that etiquette of any kind, especially wedding thank you cards etiquette, is about looking like you are doing the right thing and keeping people from getting too upset if they aren’t thanked properly. That is a good reason, but there is a better one.

The point of etiquette is just to have a guide to make things easier for you. So when doing something new, like being married and sending out wedding thank you cards (free samples), you know what to do and can feel comfortable.

Change Your Viewpoint About Your Wedding Gifts

Try to see your wedding gifts as a symbol of the blessings you have and will receive in your newfound union. Use your wedding thank you cards as a symbol of how much you appreciate each other, your loved ones, and your new life together.

Traditional wedding thank you cards etiquette states that wedding thank yous are to be sent two weeks to a month after you return from your honeymoon. Some people say that you have up to a year from your wedding date. Personally, I believe it is never too late to say thank you. However, as someone who has often missed the joy of giving thanks due to procrastination, I urge you not to wait.

Wedding thank you cards etiquette dictates that each gift receives its own note. Refrain from sending the bridal shower/wedding gift combo note. Remember that each note of thanks brings joy not only to the receiver but the sender.

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