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Free wedding thank you wording for your cards for all kinds of gifts from A-to-Z.

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gift basket

• Thank you for the delightful gift basket. The gourmet treats were delicious. Thanks again.

gift certificate/gift card

• Thank you for the gift certificate to (insert name of store). I used it to buy (insert what you bought). Your practical and generous gift is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Alternative if you haven't spent the gift certificate/gift card:
• Thank you for your generous gift card to (insert name of store). I'm saving it to use for a special occasion. You're gift will be the most fun to use. Thanks again.

glass bowl (see bowls)

• Thank you for the glass bowl. We will think of you every time we use it. It was very thoughtful of you to send such a lovely gift. Thanks again.

glasses/glass set (also see wine glasses)

• Thank you for the glasses/glass set. They are perfect. They will come in handy daily and give us cause to remember your generosity daily, too. Thanks again.

grill/George Foreman Grill (for outdoor grill also see barbecue grill)

• Thank you for the grill. It's such a fun and festive gift just like the friend who gave it. Thanks again.


• Thank you for being a groomsman at the wedding. You made the wedding that much more of a celebration by being part of the wedding party. Your thoughtfulness and hospitality with the guests will be remembered always. Thanks again.

(More casual groomsmen/best man thank you note)
• Thank you for being a groomsmen(best man) at the wedding. You put the party in wedding party. It was way more fun because of you. Thanks again.

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