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The following are wedding thank you notes for gifts starting with the letter "M."

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Maid of Honor

• Thank you for participating in my special day as my Maid of Honor. Your generosity and kindness was so very much appreciated. I shall hold those memories of you on my special day close to me forever. Thanks again.

massage/spa gift certificate

• Thank you so much for the spa gift certificates. They are truly appreciated and so very much needed by me and [husband’s name]! We shall put them to good use in the near future and shall think of you fondly when we recall that special day. Thanks again.

measuring cups/measuring spoons

• Thank you for the measuring cups and spoons. These will certainly prove useful when we are preparing our family meals, and will certainly conjure up kind thoughts of you in the process. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for the gracious gift. The microwave is just right for us, and [husband’s name] and I will certainly use it often with kind thoughts of you. Thanks again.

money (More wedding thank you notes for money

• Thank you so much for the very gracious monetary gift. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your generosity and kindness. [Husband’s name] and I will certainly put this to good use for [purpose] in the near future. Thanks again.

mug (also see coffee cups)

• Thank you for the precious mugs. They are just the right size for us, and will be used many times over, especially when we serve coffee with dessert! Thanks again.

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