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bacherlorette bacherlorette party / bachelorette weekend

• Thank you for the fabulous bachelorette party (or bachelorette weekend). It was a total blast. The decorations, the entertainment, and most importantly the company was more than anyone could ever want. Thank you for the perfect night (weekend).


• Thank you for the wonderful bakeware. It will definitely come in handy and be used often. Your well wishes and thoughtful gift are truly appreciate. Thanks again.

barbecue grill

• Thank you for the fantastic barbecue grill. It will come in handy, and will be so much fun in the Summer. We'll have to have you over one weekend soon. Thanks again.

bath towels

• Thank you for the beautiful bath towels. They will look fantastic in our guest bathroom (or master bathroom). You're an awesome (or thoughtful, generous) friend. Thanks again.

bed/bedroom set

• Thank you for the beautiful (pick an adjective or state the design or designer): antique, oak, Edwardian, Raymond Bock) bed (or bed set). Your generosity is truly appreciated. We absolutely love it. Thank you very much.

bed skirt

• Thank you so much for the lovely bed skirt. It is the perfect style (or color) and gives the bed that added elegance that finishes off the entire room. Thanks again for such a thoughtful gift.

Best Man (see also groomsmen)

• Thank you for being my best man at the wedding. You were the best, best man a groom could ever want. Thank you.


• Thank you for the awesome blender. It's a classic gift from a real class act. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the beautiful bowl set. Every time they are used, it will give us cause to think of the wonderful friend(s) who got them for us. Thanks again.

• Thank you for the fantastic breadmaker. It will be put to good use. You must come over and 'break bread' with us soon. Thanks again.

bridal shower

• Thank you for throwing such a fantastic bridal shower. It was a very special day made all the more special by your friendship, awesome planning, and fantastic food! You are one in a million. Thanks again.


• Thank you for being one of my bridesmaids. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and having you as a big part in one of the biggest celebrations in life was an honor. Thank you!

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