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Here are wedding thank you notes for gifts beginning with, T.

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tea set/coffee set
Thank your for the beautiful coffee and tea set. It will blend in wonderfully with our dining room motif and table set, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks again.

Thank you for the wonderful thermometer! What a thoughtful and perfect gift. This is something that will come in handy just when we need it. Thank you.

towels(see kitchen towels or bath towels)
Thank you for the beautiful, high-quality towels. They are so soft and lovely and will be used with a lot of gratitude. Thank you so much for your special gift.

Thank you for the highly useful, quality toothbrush. These are so wonderful to have especially while travelling. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift.

travel (see vacation)
Thank you for the vacation package! Wow, this is the creme de la creme! We will take you with us in our hearts.. Thank you so, so much!

tray tables/tv trays (or see serving tray)
Thank you for the cutest and most practical TV trays! They are such a fantastic gift and will be used over and over. Thank you again.

Thank you for the vast array of muchly utilized Tupperware. It is such a delight to have such practical and highly useful things for our kitchen and lives. Thanks again.

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