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Copy these wedding thank you note examples for specific gifts right into your card. Did you get a pasta maker? A coffee pot? How about cash?

We have everything you need to finish those notes in a snap.

The notes below are for gifts starting with the letter, "P." If you are looking for notes and letters arranged by topic such as wedding poems, bridal shower thanks, etc. check out this thank you notes for weddings page.

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Thank You Card Wording
Weddings Gifts - P

painting (also see artwork)

• Thank you so very much for the gorgeous art work you gifted us. It really is quite stunning and we have already picked out a special place for it in our home. We shall cherish it always. Thanks again.

pajamas (also see lingerie)

• Thank you for the wonderful set of pajamas. You know how much I love pajamas and these are fabulous. I can’t wait to put them on! Thanks again.


• Thank you for the pretty paperweight. It’s wonderful to have something to remind [husband’s name] and I of you. We shall look at it fondly forever. Thanks again.

pasta maker

• Thank you so much for the great pasta maker. We love the idea of making our own pasta, and now we have the best tool to make it with. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks again!
pasta steamer

• Thank you so much for the pasta steamer. As you know, family dinners are so important to us, and because of this, we really appreciate this great gift. We shall use it time and time again. Thanks again.

patio furniture/patio set

• Thank you for the very gracious gift. We are so grateful to you for the beautiful patio furniture set. It really was so unexpected. [Husband’s name] and I shall appreciate it always. Your kindness will always be fondly remembered. Thanks again.

photo album

• Thank you for the elegant photo album. It shall be put to good use as [husband’s name] and I build our memories together. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again.


• Thank you so much for the generous gift of pots and pans. We absolutely adore this set, and will certainly put it to good use many times over as [husband’s name] and I prepare our family meals together. Thanks again.
picture frame

• Thank you for the beautiful picture frame. It will perfect in our Living Room and enjoyed for many years to come. Thanks again.

pitcher/pitcher set(with glasses)
• Thank you so much for the elegant pitcher and glasses set. It will be wonderfully refreshing to use them especially during our hot summer days. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

pillow/pillow shams

• Thank you for the amazing pillows and pillow shams! They are wonderfully comfortable for us, and we will sleep on them beautifully. Thanks again, so much for your care-full thought and generosity.

place mats/place settings

• Thank you for the exquisite place mats and place settings. They will blend beautifully with our Dining Room colors. Thanks again!


• Thank you so much for the elegant platter. It will "hold" a special place in our hearts and especially at our holiday parties! Thank you very much.


• Thank you for the amazing plaque. It will be lovingly appreciated forever. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.


• Thank you for the awesome potholders! The quality and colors are delightful and they will be a joyous part of our kitchen forever. Thank you again.

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