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Wedding thank you notes for specific gifts. Alphabetized for easy access. More notes being added daily.

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This pages is for wedding gifts that start with the letter, S.
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Wedding Thank You Notes
for Gifts Beginning with S

salad/salad serving set

• Thank you for the wonderful salad serving set. It will be so much fun to serve huge and healthy salads in it. The healthier the better. Thank you.

salt and pepper shakers

• Thank you for the adorable salt and pepper shakers! They add such a special warmth to our dining room table. Thank you so much.


• Thank you for the lovely scrapbook. It will hold beautiful memories of friends and family. Thank you very much.

serving utensils/spoons (see also utensils)

• Thank you for the beautiful serving utensils. They will fit in perfectly with our new salad bowl and h'ors doeuvre tray. Thank you again!

serving tray (crystal or silver - also see tray/tv tray)

• Thank you for the gorgeous crystal serving tray. It will add such an exquisite quality to our dinner

and holiday parties. Thank you again, so much.

sculpture (also see artwork)

• Thank you for the fantastic sculpture. It truly makes a peaceful statement. It will set the tone for our yard and home, and is so calming to ponder. Thanks again!

sheets (also see linens)

• Thank you for the glorious sheets and linens. They match perfectly with our bedding and bath. Thanks again for such a generous gift!

silver platter (also see platter)

• Thank you for the lovely silver platter. It will add a sparkling touch during special occasions. Thanks again.

silverware (also see cutlery)

• Thank you for the fine silverware set. It has such a lovely quality and will be enjoyed at many, many special meals. Thank you again.

silverware box

• Thank you for the unique silverware box. It will be such a pleasure using it to hold our finest silverware and it has such a lovely, rich interior. Thank you so much.

slow cooker (see crock pot)

• Thank you for the quality crock pot! It will be put to excellent use for our delicious, nutritious stews and enjoyed by all of us. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

spa package/spa gift certificate

• Thank you for the glorious spa package. Wow, what a generous and thoughtful gift! We will enjoy this to the utmost. Thanks again.

spice rack

• Thank you for the beautiful spice rack. It will be such an efficiently organized place for all of our spices and herbs. Thank you very much.

stir-fry pan (also see wok)

• Thank you for the fantastic stir-fry pan. It is both beautiful and practical just like you. Thank you so much.


• Thank you for the kitchen strainer. We make a lot of pasta and veggies, and this is the best strainer for the job. Thank you for the perfect, practical gift!

sugar bowl and creamer set

• Thank you for the sugar bowl and creamer set. It's so lovely to have an elegant tea and coffee set-up for special guests. Thanks for your special gift.

More wedding thank you notes are on the way!

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