Wedding Thank You Wording

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Wedding Thank You Wording

Note: For wedding thank you wording to thank someone for attending and a gift simply add "Thank you for attending the wedding and ..." before the note. See example under candle.

can opener

• I CAN-not thank you enough for the electric can opener. Get it? Seriously, thanks for giving me such a practical gift. I will use it daily, and it will give me occasion to think of the wonderful friend who gave it to me daily, too.


• Thank you for attending the wedding and the beautiful, wedding candle. Thoughts of your friendship and well wishes will burn brightly in our hearts for years to come. Thanks again.

candlestick holders

• Thank you for the elegant candlestick holders. They will "hold" a special place in our hearts and our home. Thanks again.

cannister set

• Thank you for the handsome cannister set. It will come in handy often and give me cause to think of you often, too. Thanks again.

cash (also see Wedding Thank You for the Money Page)

• Thank you for your truly generous gift. We are saving your gift to go toward the down payment on our new home. You are a dear and thoughtful friend. Thanks again.

ceramic bowl (also see bowls)

• Thank you for the wonderful ceramic bowls. They will be saved for special occasions, which is fitting because they are from such a special friend. Thanks again.

china (see wedding thank you wording for dishes)

• Thank you for the elegant china set. The pattern is beautiful. You will be in our thoughts every we time we use it. Thanks again.

charity donation

• Thank you for donation to (insert name of charity) in honor of our wedding. Knowing that I have a friend so generous and thoughtful is gift in and of itself. That you have chosen to share your generosity with such a worthy cause in honor of our wedding overwhelms me. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.


• Thank you for the beautiful clock. My thought will remember the good 'times' you and I have shared, and your well wishes for our marriage. It is a perfect gift. Thanks again.


• Thank you for your thoughtful coaster set. It will keep our coffee table looking new. Thanks again.

coffee cups/coffee set (also see china or tea set)

• Thank you for the wonderful set of coffee cups. Our cup runneth over with coffee and gratitude for you. Thanks again.

coffee grinder

• Thank you for the coffee grinder. Fresh ground coffee is the best way to wake up in the morning. We'll think of you every time we use it. Thanks again.

Coffee Pot/Coffee Maker

Thank you for the fantastic coffee maker. Your practical gift will be used every day and will give us cause to remember your generosity daily as well. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the colander. It will be put to frequent use. Your generous and practical gift is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

collectible (also see art)

• Thank you for the beautiful (insert name of maker or description) collectible. Your gift will have a treasured place in our home that matches the treasured place you have in our hearts. Thanks again.

comforter (also see wedding thank you wording for quilt)

• Thank you for the comfy comforter. It's perfect and will look (or looks) fabulous in our bedroom (or guest bedroom). Thanks again.


• Thank you for the (Insert Title). The recipes look absolutely delicious. I cannot wait to have you over to taste my best efforts. Thanks again.

cookware (see pans and pots)

• Thank you for the wonderful cookware set. It will be put to good use, and your generosity will be remembered at every meal. Thanks again.

cookie sheet

• Thank you for the lovely cookie sheet. Your thoughtful gift is as a sweet as the treats I'll be baking on it. Thanks again.

cooking utensils

• Thank you for the set of cooking utensils. Your gift will make cooking at home a joy. Thanks again.

couch/loveseat/sofa (also see furniture)

• Thank you for the beautiful (insert one: coach/loveseat/sofa). It looks fantastic in our living room. You are a truly generous and kind friend. Thanks again.

creamer and sugar bowl set

• Thank you for the adorable creamer and sugar bowl set. We will think of you every morning when we use it. Thanks again.

crock pot

• Thank you for the crock pot. It will be put to good use. You are a dear and thoughtful friend. Thanks again.

crystal bowl (see bowl)

• Thank you for the crystal bowl. Your elegant gift is one of our favorites. Thanks again.

Cuisinart (see food processor)

• Thank you for the Cuisinart. Your gift will come in handy and be so fun to use. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the cutlery set. It is absolutely beautiful and useful--just like you. Thanks again.

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