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Your wedding thank you is a snap to write with these free thank you note examples. Below you'll find thank you notes to say thank you for cash gifts, but this site has all kinds of thank you notes. Gift-specific wording for items such as platters, picture frames and more, destination thank yous, bridal shower thank you gifts.

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Sample Thank You Notes
to Say Thanks for Cash Gifts

Here's a quick tip for saying thank you for monetary gifts no matter what the occasion. It's considered in poor taste to actually mention the amount of the gift. Typically the phrase "generous gift" or for BIG MONEY use "most generous gift."

For Person Who Did Not Attend Wedding

Thank you for your generous wedding gift. We are going to use it on our honeymoon. (or another choice such as: to redecorate our apartment, are saving for a down payment on a home, or waiting to spend it until we can think of something as special as you to purchase). Your thoughtful gift and well wishes are a blessing. Thanks again.

For Person Who Attended the Wedding

Thank you for coming to the wedding and for giving such a generous gift as well. Your presence at the wedding made it that much more of a celebration. We are using your gift toward buying a new car. You are both such dear and thoughtful friends. Thanks again.

Casual Thank You for the Cash Note

Thank you both for coming to the wedding and awesome gift. We're going to spend it on the honeymoon and relax. You guys are really great, and your truly generous gift will definitely be put to good use. Thanks again.

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