Wording for Thank You Notes

Use the wording for thank you notes variations here to create infinite and more casual, modern notes of your own from the samples and examples on this site. To create your own thank you note, simply choose a line from each of the six parts. Great for E-mails! There are six parts to every thank you note. (see How to Write a Thank You Letter for brief overview)

Consider This Your Thank You Note Thesaurus

Part One - Wording for thank you notes

Alternatives to The Salutation

My preference is to always use Dear (insert first name) for personal, Dear (insert full name or Mr. or Ms. Last Name) for business. For E-mails I use Howdy. When in doubt, always just use Dear (insert name).

• Hi there, Emily,
• Howdy Bob!
• Hiya Andy,
• My dearest, Angela,
• Dearest Anthony,
• Hello there, Anna,
• Hi John,
• Hello Maria,
• Yo Pete!
• Hey Paula,
• What up Jason!
• My lovely Diana,

Generic for form letters
• To our valued customers:
• Dear valued customer:
• Dear Concerned Citizen:
• To whom it may concern:
• Dear Patron:

Part Two - Wording for thank you notes

Alternate wording to say thank you for gift, favor or event.

(Find more free samples of gift notes and attendance notes here.)

In business ALWAYS use thank you. Thank you is one of the most powerful and persuasive words in the English language. Variations do not have the same emotional impact so you really lose out. Nevertheless, you may need alternatives wording for thank you notes so here are some ideas:

• Thank you for (the gift, staying at your house, the lovely dinner, etc.)
• Thanks for the ...
• Major thanks for ...
• I appreciated the ...
• I am so grateful that ...
• Thank for ...
• I am glad you were able to ...
• Your ________ is appreciated.
• Thanks you so much for ...
• Many thanks for ...
• I cannot thank you enough for ...
• Words cannot convey my gratitude for ...
• I want to express my gratitude for ...

See thank you phrases for more variations to use.

Part Three - Alternative Wording for thank you notes

Part three is where you give a positive Sentiment regarding the event/attendee, gift or favor.

Here is some thank you note wording for the third line in a thank you for attending a party such as a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or funeral.

Third line sentiment or thank you to attendees:

• Your attendance made it that much more of a celebration.
• Your presence made the _______ even more fun.
• It would not have been as much fun if you were not there.
• Your presence at the services was a comfort to me and my family.
• We could not have called it a party if you were not there.
• Your humor and lively conversation added to the occasion.
• It is always great to see you.
• It meant so much to me that you came.
• You are such a great ______ to travel such a long distance to attend my ____.
• Your grace and good cheer always brightens an occasion.
• You know how to get the joint jumping.

To Hostess
• You really know how to throw a party.
• Your hospitality was incredibly generous.
• The food was delicious. (amazing, fabulous, delightful, delectable, heavenly, yummy)
• The entertainment was perfect (enchanting, stirring, priceless, captivating)
• The conversation was lively (intimate, thought-provoking, intellectual, stimulating)
• The party was (fun, a treat, lively, an evening to remember, sophisticated, relaxing)
• Your hospitality is unequalled.
• We were honored to attend your ... .
• You outdid yourself with the ... .

Third line thank you note wording for a gift:

• It is beautiful.*
• I love it.

*Descriptive synonyms for gifts: lovely, charming, cute, marvelous, resplendent, wonderful, handsome, adorable, cuddly, unique, excellent, classy, elegant, divine, exquisite, charming, magnificent

See the thank you phrases page for more ideas and neutral phrases and for gifts you many not have liked.

Third line for a favor:
• Your generosity helped me tremendously.
• Your support is greatly appreciated.

Part Four - Thank you note wording that mentions what you'll use it (cash, clothes, etc. )for or compliment to the sender

What you'll use it for

• I cannot wait to wear it.
• I'm saving for a _______ .
• I'll think of you every time I use it.

Compliment the sender
• You have amazing taste.
• You are a generous friend.
• You always get me something fantastic.
• Your a real life saver. (for favor)
• You are an excellent hostess.

Part Five (The Second Thanks)- Alternate wording for thank you notes

• Thanks again.
• Thank you once again.
• Thank you again.
• In closing thank you.
• You have my undying gratitude.
• Allow me to says thank you once more.
• Thank you.
• Thanks.
• Your generosity is appreciated. (If you did not use it above)
• I appreciate your kindness.
• Again, I give you my sincerest thanks.

Part Six - Thank you note wording Alternative Signature Lines

• Sincerely,
• Best,
• Gratefully yours,
• Regards,
• Warm regards,
• Kind regards,
• Sincerely yours,
• Love,
• Hugs and kisses,

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