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Would you like to be valued you more at your job? Sending a workplace thank you card or gift is a great way to kick-start your workplace karma.

There’s the old saying. It takes money to make money or if you want to have a friend, be a friend. If you want to be valued value others more. The easiest, simplest way to show someone he is valued is to thank him.

There is a spiritual principal of the Universe that says to give what you would like to receive. Giving someone in a sincere workplace thank you card or note such as thank you for the bonus will add to your enjoyment of your bonus. Not too mention add to the likelihood that you will receive more bonuses.

Use these sample and examples of job thank you letters to say thank you for planning a retirement party, get well soon letters, etc.

After reading the information below you may also, want to check out these office thank you note samples for help with projects, gifts, favors and more.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Workplace Thank You

There are a million chances to say thank you to someone in the workplace. Never miss an opportunity.

Offices can be tricky places so before you inadvertently offend someone with your appreciation, here are some tips.

    • Do keep you workplace thank you simple.

    • Don’t add extra words to your office thank yous. * (See below)

    • Do say thank you often. It may take a while for them to get used to being appreciated.

    • Do not get discouraged if your workplace thank you is misconstrued. As you persistently show your appreciation, your co-workers will get the right idea.

    • Be genuine. Mean it when you say it. Even if you have to Stretch your mind to do it.

    • Do think of something to show appreciation for even in botched workplace situations. Example: I really appreciate all your effort on the project. Then go into what went wrong.

    • Share your appreciation publicly and privately.

    • Do Not Be exclusive in showing your thanks such as only publicly or only privately. Your co-workers may get the wrong impression.

    • Don’t let cynical naysayers sour you to the power of gratitude.

An Office Thank You Gone Wrong ...

A co-worker has given you the report. You want to acknowledge you received it. You were very relieved to get the report in time, because your boss is a stickler for promptness.

You say to a sensitive co-worker, “I got the report. Thanks for getting it to me on time.”

You get a weird look. Your co-worker has taken your appreciation and turned it into a backhanded compliment about you expecting it to be late.

It’s not the people at work are jerks. (well, nah it isn’t). It’s just that they are so used to NOT being appreciated they think a thank you is a dig. So, just keep it simple. “I just wanted you to know I got the report. Thank you.” Even better the second somebody hands you something say, “Thanks.”

Avoid misunderstandings ...

Use these carefully crafted, ready to copy, free sample, situation-specific thank you notes such as thank you for the bonus, thanks for help on the project and more office thank you note samples.

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