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Thank You To Parent Volunteers Who Helped with Spring Picture Day - Write My Thank You Letter Request

• Thank you for volunteering to help the school with our Spring pictures. Your assistance made the day that much more of a success. Thanks to the efforts caring parents like you our students' school days are made that much more memorable. Enclosed is a coupon for a free yearbook as a token of our appreciation for your generous service to our school. Thanks again.

Thank You for Your Service As Manager - Write My Thank You Letter Request

• Thank you for your incredible service as manager of our institution. Your commitment and professional pride in your work is exceptional and truly appreciated. Thank you.


Stanhope Scott

Note: Stanhope, I didn't have a lot of details, so please feel free to resubmit your request if this does not suit your needs.

Get Well Gifts Thank You - Thank You for the Food and Flowers You Sent

• Thank you for the beautiful flowers and lovely treats you sent to both the hospital and my home. Your generosity lifted my spirits and with it my health. Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

Thank You for the Generous Gift

• Thank you to you and your family for the lovely (insert gift). Your well wishes and generous gift are truly appreciated. Thanks again.

Visit this page for more thank you notes for gifts. Also if the gift was cash, you can find thank you for the money notes on this site, too.

Thank You for Buying Girl Scout Cookies

Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts with your recent cookie purchase. Your generosity not only helps our local troop, it also helps Girl Scouts everywhere. I am also very happy you chose to buy your cookies from me! Thank again.


(Lighthearted Thank you for the surprise baby shower at work)

Thank you for hosting the surprise birthday shower, it was almost as much fun as making the baby. But seriously, your generosity and well wishes for our growing family was truly touching. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the introduction

Thank you for the introducing me to my husband. Your introduction has changed my life forever. You will always hold an extra special place in my heart as the person who literally introduced me to lifetime of love. Thanks again.

Thank you for a great job

Dear Team

You deserve to be thanked. You do a wonderful job caring for ourresidents. Each and every day you make sure our residents are taken care of: tidying rooms, cooking meals, delivering medication. You care for them when they are sick, sad or confused. Each day your work makes the lives of people better. It is an honorable job, and you do it well. You should know your work great work is noticed and appreciated. Thank you.

Christening Thank you for coming and money

Thank you very much for coming to the (insert child's name)'s christening. Your generous gift will be saved for his/her college education. You are a blessing to our family. Thanks again.

Friendship Thank You

Dear Joe,

William Yeats once said, "Think where man's glory most begins and ends / And say my glory was I had such friends." It is glorious to know you. Thank you for being such a great friend, Joe.

Getting new business

Dear Sunil,
Thank you very much for getting new business as our dealer. You did an excellent job, and your work is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

Thank You for Speaking
Thank you for speaking at our conference. Your speech was a big hit and contributed greatly to the conference's success. Thanks again.

Thank You for the Money, Mom


Thank you for the perfect gift. It will definitely come in handy. You're awesome!


Note: Lisa, I didn't get a lot of detail about how much money it was or what you're going to use the money for. If it's a lot of money I recommend sending a nice gift and definitely mention how you'll spend the money or what you're saving it for if you can. I tried to keep the note casual, because it's your Mom! But if you need some more ideas, I have an entire section dedicated to thanking Moms with poems, quotes, and gift ideas:
Thank You Mom and a section dedicated to saying thank you for the money.

You can use the birthday money thank you wording or loan wording and just change it for the occasion. Thank you for writing.
Thank You To Co-worker for Overtime

Thank you for offering me overtime work in your department again. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration and am always grateful for the extra work. You are a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Get Office Thank You Note Samples Here

Sample Business Thank You Letter - Nice Meeting You - Write My Thank You Letter Request

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge when we met for the first time in Conrad, Iowa. Your impromptu HomeShow training will benefit my AtHome America business tremendously. You were such a pleasure to meet and speak with. Enclosed is a group photo of you with the Real Deal team. Thanks again.


More Business and Thank You Sales Letter Samples

Sample Job Interview Write My Thank You Letter Request

Thank you for meeting with me yesterday to discuss the (insert name of position) at (Insert Name of Company). Your detailed explanation of the position furthered my already considerable interest in working with you (or if you did not interview with someone you will be working directly insert Name of Company). Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

More Job Interview Thank You Letters

Bridal Shower Attendance (without gift) - Write My Thank you Letter Request

Thank you for coming to my bridal tea. It was that much more of a special occasion, because you were there. Your well wishes and joyous presence is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

More Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

Write My Thank You Letter Request for a Professor/Teacher

Dear Professor Andrea,

Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. You have made such a difference in my life that it is impossible to measure. Words fall short, so I will borrow from Shakespeare. "I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." You have been a wonderful teacher. Thank you.


Thank You Teacher Poems

Our Latest Write My Thank You Letter Request comes from Down Under in Australia

Thank you note to parents, teachers, staff, principal as volunteer position ends.

My time as coordinator of the parent support group (or insert official title) has come to its close. Although volunteer positions are often considered unpaid jobs, I feel that working together toward the common goal of making the lives of the children of this school better and brighter, has filled me with a gratitude that is its own payment. It has been a treasured responsibility and an honor to be of service to this school, our children, and you. Farewell and thanks.

Latest Write My Thank You Letter Request

Note of thanks for organizing office

Thank you for organizing my office for me. It is amazing. Coming into a clean, organized space makes every working moment easier, less stressful and even fun. Your hard work and thoughtfulness was a tremendous gift. Thanks again.

Thank You for Inviting Me to a Girl's Night Out

Thank you for inviting me to your girls night out. It was really cool to get to meet your super fun and funny friends. You guys really know how to make a night of bingo a blast. Thanks.

A thank you to customers and business associates for attending a company-organized event

Dear Mr. or Ms. First Name Last Name,

Thank you for attending (insert The Name of Company's) (insert Name of Event). Having the opportunity to (insert type of event activity) with you was truly a pleasure. Your (pick one or two: support, continued business, generous contribution, attendance etc.) is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

(insert name)

Here is what it looks like with the blanks filled in.

Thank you for attending the Acme Company's Annual Humanitarian Awards Banquet. Having the opportunity to share an evening with you while honoring members of our community was pleasure. Your attendance and support is truly appreciated. Thanks again.

Stay tuned! Look for a business thank you note section from My Thank You Site. RSS this site for updates (see RSS upper left corner)

Attendance to a Stakeholders Breakfast Meeting
Longer Version

Thank you for attending our stakeholders’ breakfast meeting. Your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated. Our monthly (annual, bi-monthly) meeting is a great opportunity us all to work together toward our common success and of course, enjoy a lovely breakfast together. I (we) are glad that you were there. Thanks again.

Write My Thank You Letter Request Shorter Version

Thank you for attending our stakeholders’ breakfast meeting. Your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated and integral to our success. I (we) value your continued support. Thanks again.

Thank You Coach for Having Faith In Me

Dear _________,

Thank you for having faith in me when I did not yet have faith in myself. Without you, I would never have dreamed I could run or even walk a marathon again. Your belief in me enabled me to believe in myself again. Without you, I would not have survived. You have my unending gratitude. Thanks again.


Thank You Note for Dinner When Meeting Boyfriend's Parents for the First Time

Dear Mr. and Mrs. (insert last name)

Thank you for your hospitality in having me over for dinner. Meeting you both for the first time and visiting your lovely home was truly a pleasure. Thanks again.

Sincerely,(insert your name)

Non religious Christening Thank You Write My Thank You Letter Request

Dear (insert name),

Thank you for your generous christening gift. Your attendance and contribution to (insert child's name) future is greatly appreciated. You hold a special place in the hearts of my family. Thanks again.


Thank you for your thoughtful christening gift. Your attendance and generous contribution to (insert child's name) future is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Sincerely, (or Love,)

Wedding Gift - Mixing Bowls Write My Thank You Letter Request

With funny pun

Dear (insert name),

Thank you for the mixing bowls. Not only are they practical, but also they will literally give us the means to keep "mixing things up in our marriage" without getting into trouble. Seriously, your gift and well wishes are truly appreciated. Thanks again.


Traditional note

Thank you for the mixing bowls. We will think of you every time we use them. Your well wishes and lovely gift are very much appreciated. Thanks again.


To Hostess from dinner guest

Dear (insert name),

Thank you for having Andrea, Alexander and me over for dinner. You are a fabulous hostess, and it was genuinely great fun spending time with you and your brother. Speaking with a fellow bee enthusiast (if there is such a thing) is always an added bonus. Thanks again for a wonderful dinner and an evening of lively conversation.


For attendance to surprise retirement party

Dear (insert name),Thank you for attending my surprise retirement party. Your presence and well wishes made it that much more of a celebration. I could not have been more surprised and delighted. Thanks again.


For gift - bracelet

Dear (insert name)

Thank you for not only attending my party, but giving me such a beautiful bracelet as well. I will think of you every time I wear it. Your well wishes and generous gift is truly appreciated. Thanks again.


Write My Thank You Letter Request For Act of Loyalty to a friend - Funny

Dear George,

Thank you for not ratting me out to the fuzz. :) Seriously though, your loyalty in a stressful situation is admirable and rare these days. It could not go without an official acknowledgment. You'll never buy another drink in my presence. Thanks again.

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